When I die…


God is indeed wonderful! Breathtaking!

This was inspired by the service of songs for my Pastor’s mum.

When I die…

I want to be celebrated and not mourned because by His grace, my work here will be completed. I would have run the race, fought the good fight of faith and finished strong! I know that I go home to a proud Father who can’t wait to show me off to other saints. Just as I have read about Moses, Elijah, David, Paul, Peter and other saints; my Father will play my lifetime and say proudly, ‘my daughter delivered people from oppression, cared for the motherless, clothed the naked, fed the hungry, mentored people to discovering and fulfilling their passions and purposes, revolutionized the media industry. She lived a balanced life; she was a wife, help meet and best friend of her husband, she loved, cared and raised my children in my ways, was committed to establishing my kingdom on earth’. He would go on and on, then finally say (with the widest grin ever), ‘Welcome home daughter’.

I want to be celebrated and not mourned because every seed I have planted by the enablement of father will bring forth a bountiful harvest and will be sustained. Generations to come will reap of this harvest because these seeds have not been sown on land which can be washed away by floods or stocks which have crashed or on the economy which could experience a meltdown; but on minds which have and can have the mind of Christ, lives which have and can have God’s own spirit. That is the reason my father sent me and all of His children; to glorify Him with the gifts and power He has given us. Gifts are to be given, why should I take them back home?

I want to be celebrated and not mourned because you understand that I am not dead but have just begun living eternal life. My transition will strengthen you to keep running this race and encourage you to finish strong as I have been encouraged by other saints, besides who is going to occupy your mansion if you never come home? I want to be celebrated for the unsaved, by the mercies of my Father, to see that Heaven is home if they will only believe. Imagine the joy in heaven – my welcome party and the salvation of a soul!

I want to be celebrated and not mourned because I am but a foreigner on earth and heaven is my home. No one mourns when a tourist departs for his home land; on the

Fireworks at Disneyworld.

Certainly more colourful than this!

contrary, a party is thrown on his behalf to ensure he goes home with a memorable experience of his host land. I want to be celebrated because Heaven also celebrates my home coming; so yes, I want a send forth on earth! I want praise, worship, thanksgiving, dance, laughter, jokes and of course, fireworks!

With pearly gates, wings of angels and streets of gold.


2 thoughts on “When I die…

  1. yemmight says:

    I want 2 be celebrated and not mourned, this is a wise word God that give you the thought 2 write dis will make heaven possible for u n me. (Amen)


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