I’m in love!!! In Love with God, myself, my womanhood and more recently, my hair! It all started a little over two months ago. I decided to go natural by accident, I have very soft hair and so naturally I relaxed my hair every four months, then six, ten months and finally I left it for over a year! At this point it was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and the different stylists I tried were anything but nice. I remember the last time I fixed a weave, the experience was so bad that when the stylist said “Aunty, you no go collect my number? Are you not happy with me?” I replied with a straight look “No, I don’t want your number. I’m not coming back to your salon”. Something in that line sha. Everything hurt! From washing my hair to blow drying, combing, and then super tight weaving, the actual sewing on of the weave was laced with poking my scalp with the needle and my ears got a fair share of burns during tonging. I kept asking myself where I went wrong that day. I’m sure I took some aspirin when I got home, it was horribly unforgettable.

My sister sent me this to encourage me on my natural journey, lol!

My sister sent me this to encourage me on my natural journey, lol!

Fast forward few weeks later, I’m on bella naija and a feature caught my attention. It was something on natural brides and I thought let’s see what we have here, I could pull this off as a bride (my sisters would have a fit though, hehehe!) and that’s how I found it, them, O naturals salon! The bride’s hair was gorgeous and looked so pain free. I immediately called them up and booked an appointment. Now it might surprise you but this was my first hair appointment and I announced proudly to my sister when I got home “I found this amazing salon that does natural hair and I have an appointment on Sunday, I’m going natural!” I counted the days to Sunday; it was like I was resuming a high profile job. Sunday came and right after Church I was on my way, I arrived early and it was a full house.

The result of my first appointment! *big grin*

The result of my first appointment! *big grin*

We started by taking off that horrible weave I had on (the whole experience made me dislike the hair) and that’s how my love affair began. My hair had never known such tenderness; I mean who loosens hair with leave in conditioner! As the stylist took out my weave she spoke tenderly to me and my hair with soothing jazz/soul music in the background. It was a hair therapy session, a hair spa! I felt no pain at all and had to apologize to my hair for all the years of no loving from me. She took her time taking out the weave, I had to join her as I felt at this rate na here I go sleep o. We washed, steamed, and then I was given a camera to pick a style from their archive. While all this was going on, someone would come from time to time to pass sweets and offer you a drink. When I was done, I had spent over five hours and I enjoyed every second. I was sent on my way very happy, with a complimentary bottle of leave in conditioner and a bill of N6,000. I weaved my natural hair for N3,500, the highest I had ever woven my hair was N200 but I paid gladly with a silly smile on my face too.

Another view, love! love!! love!!!

Another view, love! love!! love!!!

Passion earns more than profession. Someone asked me some days ago what passion meant to me and I said “a piece of the heart”. No, passion is all of the heart. The heart is the core of your being, your Spirit, who you really are. We are all unique, each of us different from the other. Passion is not ‘really liking something’, it’s deeper than a feeling. Emotions are very fickle; here today, gone tomorrow so they cannot be trusted. You cannot be passionate until you have found yourself, know who you are. You must ask yourself what you stand for; your life’s journey begins upon the discovery of your identity. When you find YOU, you cease to exist and begin to live! You are no longer a person but a pleasant experience – people never forget a pleasant experience! So you know why you can make going bald a trend, have the biggest market share of your industry by following your heart, light up a room by just smiling, possess a hug that’s warmer than the coziest blanket? It’s the YOU experience that only you can give! There’s nothing appealing about a bald head especially if you don’t have a perfect Amber Rose head mould, it’s the authenticity of YOU that appeals to people so much so that people start going bald too! My sister asked me why I keep going back to Onaturals (It’s quite a distance from my house), I thought about it, smiled and responded “I go back for the experience”. I just love Omozo (Onaturals owner) and how she lights up when she talks about natural hair.

In the words of a friend "beautiful hair architecture!"

In the words of a friend “beautiful hair architecture!”

The beautiful thing about finding yourself is you become so contagious, you give others courage to do same. So start your journey to personal discovery – find God first because He made you, find Jesus, He’s the access to God (John14: 6) and the Holy Spirit. You have no idea how amazing you are; the world is waiting to experience YOU.

P.s To book an appointment, call 08158024444 or visit http://www.onaturalsbeauty.com


6 thoughts on “A MATTER OF THE HEART!

  1. Passion earns more than profession…
    Passion isnt a part of the heart, passion is all of the heart…
    You cannot be passionate until you have found yourself…
    When you find YOU, you cease to exist and begin to live! You are no longer a person but a pleasant experience – people never forget a pleasant experience!

    – Anwuli Ngene.
    International Journalist, Architect, news anchor.

    Well done…but I still dey vex for you in astronomic proportions, you have no idea. Not a clue! And lemme quote T.I. in one of my best movies of all time “Takers”…”business is business, money is money, I never said we were friends”…we need to talk asap.


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