I am Anwulika and I am Free!

Spread the Wings and break the shackles

Free as a bird.

This was inspired by a mentor.

I am Anwulika and I am Free…

Free from the prison of the past – the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m free from the deception of past glory and victories, while they will always be cherished; I realize that my life has only just begun and I have the world to conquer. I’m free from the sting of hurt, grief, regret, struggles, disappointment; I was poisoned by the venom of these emotions, blinded even after I received the antidote at the cross until I sought truth. Now I see! These things are not strange and will always be in the world; they are evidence that my life is significant and part of a greater glory. I’m free from the suffocation of rejection, anger, unforgiveness, spite, abuse; I have learnt from these experiences and taken responsibility for my life.

Free to believe God is crazy and seriously concerned about me. That I’m His masterpiece, the one he’s obsessed about and can’t afford to auction. That He has set my face before Him forever and whatever will harm me hasn’t been created. That His plans for me Einstein couldn’t figure out, scientist’s haven’t discovered, the highest of IQ has no clue (my humble self included), the world has never seen – don’t bother your pretty head, you can’t imagine either. That all power He gave His son, He gave me also as I am a joint heir with Christ. That if my eyes are stayed on Him, He will keep me in perfect peace. Isn’t that what we all desire?

Free to love and be loved in return. Love is hard (giving and receiving) because it is free. We live in a world where something goes for something even spiritually. Everyone yearns for love; it’s the only thing that can fill the emptiness we all have. Love is not earned, it is a gift. Love is not to be understood, it is to be felt. Love is not indecisive, it is a choice. Love is not to be resisted, it is to be embraced. Love is not convenient, it’s a sacrifice. Love is that secret kept, the prayer in the text message, the excited scream at the other end of the line, the credit alert in your bank account, the nod, the silence, the surprise visit, being beside you at the funeral, the listening ear, a smile, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, clothes for the naked, encouragement for the downcast, knowledge for the ignorant, chastisement to get you back on track. I have been loved, crazily so and I am loving in return.

Free to dream, to see and be anything I can imagine. Life is purposeless without a dream or vision and they are free of charge! Please, call me Anwuli the dreamer! My dreams inspire, encourage and push me to make them realities – it’s only a matter of time, so you better be nice to me!

Free to be me whenever and wherever. To have lunch at Southern Sun after church on Sunday, enjoy amala at Iya Basira on Wednesday or hussle puff-puffwith school children on Monday morning. To love football and have no clue how to seduce a guy. To be helpless about the sound of my voice when I’m sleepy – guys love it, my dad gets worried and my sisters are irritated by it!


Free as an ocean

Free to say YES and to say NO. Free to be different, to go the opposite way. To be ministered to by Ted Dekker and have no ‘popular’ song on my playlist.  To cry embarrassingly for movies, novels and sometimes football; and can’t find a tear at gunpoint.

Free to choose. Free to give. Free to share this thought with you.