Beautiful but pretty hard for a heart!

Smoky eyes, porcelain hearts, you are unable to see others clearly through your hazy vision yet your heart is too resistant to acknowledge that you could be wrong, too hard to see redemption. So like the Pharisees, you load others with rules and regulations, nearly breaking their backs but never lifting even a finger to help – you must not, you cannot, this is a sin, that is evil; how then do they climb up to your standard? Indeed you have the key of knowledge but instead of unlocking doors, you lock them. You won’t let anyone go in and guess what? You refuse to go in yourself! You know the way to freedom but you lead to condemnation and so you are also condemned because in this kingdom to receive, you must give and to lead, you must serve.

This is definitely not the end of the road…

Smoky eyes, porcelain hearts, you are religion champions and relationship amateurs. You have memorized the rules of your God yet are clueless to who your God is – how then can you know who you are? You look in the mirror and yearn to see anything the world has sold to your hearts, something familiar; not God, He is not familiar – how do you look for something you have not lost? So you live your life totally unaware of who you are, who you are capable of becoming. You only exist; the world never experiences you – what a waste, what a shame! You come to this world loaded with gifts, treasures, blessings but you leave without releasing any even to yourself – what ignorance! You are able to tell the change in weather and seasons yet unable to discern the God-season we are in right now – what foolishness!

Never ever – it’s the key.

Smoky eyes, porcelain hearts, you live in difficult times and to survive you need a strong heart; a strength powered by Love. This love you cannot give until you first receive it. Stop trying so hard to love a God you know nothing about; embrace instead His love for you and in accepting his love, you learn to love Him and His children in return. You open the door of knowledge for yourself and the ignorant with love for everything God created is good and love marches to its heartbeat. Let your heart beat with love and the lost will come marching; they will obey the will of the Father not out of fear as in the law but out of love as in grace. Through love, you are able to die to self, live a generous life and store up treasures in heaven. Smoky eyes, porcelain hearts; with love, your eyes don’t just look but really see; your ears don’t just hear but really listen; your heart does not just perceive but really discerns. With love, you can be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.