Beneath I’m beautiful is a child badly scarred. Try as she may, the stains won’t leave no matter how hard she scrubs. The little she has left she protects with all her strength and will. The world is intimidated and judged by her purity; not her intention, she is just living her purpose – being good, but by whose certification? One simple test threw the cold truth in her face – she is not perfect, all she strived for crumbled in a moment of realization. Can she recover; is this the beginning of her journey to healing?

girlBeneath I’m beautiful is a woman who cared and was hurt every time. Barely twenty and with a child in a strange land, it didn’t take long to grow a thick skin. She managed to care for herself and even convinced everyone that she needed nothing. She is in control of her life and all who are a part of it. She built a wall so tall no one could climb it; sadly she’s trapped in too. She wants out but she’s too proud to ask for help and no one dares to reach out. So she suffers along with those she’s kept with her but they plan to escape and keep her locked in!

Beneath I’m beautiful is one who broke free from the bondage of poverty but remained caged in his mind. No amount of money is enough because to him wealth is acquiring and not creating. He is a giver but only to impress people and brag about it. He is intimidated by people rich in their minds and is constantly spending to reassure himself that he is isn’t poor forgetting that as a man thinketh so he is. The fear of being perceived as poor fuels his passion to acquire more and also live a meaningless life – vanity upon vanity!

Beneath I’m beautiful is a man who does not believe he is good enough. The next achievement is supposed to bring that satisfaction and sense of fulfillment but alas, he is overwhelmed with the feeling of inadequacy so the quest starts all over again. Dad and Mum have raised the bar so high and as firstborn, he must scale it! Lay a perfect example for those after him. An unending cycle that leaves his heart shattered from too many false disappointments. He is his virus and his antidote but all that’s on his mind is the next feat.

manBeneath I’m beautiful is a boy who loved once and was heartbroken. How could daddy die without a warning? Hence, he has learnt to trust no one; love from a distance, never give your heart. He has carried on for so long, he can’t stop even if he tried – this is what he believes. Now that he is a daddy, he knows that daddy didn’t betray him but loved him till death. It’s time to make right his wrong for himself, honey and baby. Love in such a manner that if he didn’t get a chance to say good bye, his memory would keep them not kill them.

Have you found you? Can i find you?

Have you found you? Can i find you?

Beneath I’m beautiful is me without covering. No degree, no family, no bank account, no career, no success, no Jesus, just plain me. Beneath I’m beautiful is me taking it all off and letting you see inside. It’s me accepting I got it all wrong and letting go of my philosophies. Beneath I’m beautiful I’m not perfect but I’m a work in progress. My land was ready in stripping all my layers till I found me, plain me. My foundation is Jesus; now I’m laying my blocks and building my tower. Beneath I’m beautiful, I AM BEAUTIFUL.

Can I see beneath you are beautiful?