Life is a count down!

It’ s been few days less seven months since my last post. Wow, I have almost forgotten how to manage my blog; even writing seems a little unfamiliar. Indeed, I have missed you guys, missed writing, missed blogging, missed this part of me so so much! So what happened? Well, laptop crashed and the word press mobile app just did not work for me. So much has happened in almost seven months but I’ll start from now and then go back in time.

It was a sad day in Nigeria yesterday, a plane carrying twenty people and a corpse crashed barely two minutes after taking off killing thirteen people. The corpse was intact and was buried today – it was the body of a former state governor. There was a lot of talk about how mystical it was that people died yet the corpse and coffin remained intact. For most people, it was a story of double tragedy – an accident en-route a funeral! For me, it was personal, I knew the wife of someone on the plane, I even spent the weekend with her and was at her office a day before!

I haven’t been myself since, I keep thinking about her – what she is going through, the questions she’s asking herself, her explanation to their children! Her life-o-meter on Saturday read ‘five days to becoming a widow’, her children’s read ‘five days to becoming fatherless’, her husband’s read ‘five days left on earth’ yet no one had a clue! My sister-in-law’s sister died three weeks ago, she left a husband and five children behind (the oldest is eight); she too had no clue, same way no one has a clue what your life-o-meter reads. Am I scared of dying? No. What I am afraid of is dying having done nothing.

“Life is a count down! It is not about how long you have lived but how much time you have left” – Olufemi Paul. hourglass

The only thing you leave behind when you die are your works, either good or bad; not your status or possessions. The only thing that God will inquire of you when you leave earth is your work, whether you did good or bad; nothing else. That said, all your good works without Christ is ZERO! Religion can’t save you either! Remember Cornelius, read Acts 10. Please get saved! Accept Jesus Christ in your life, then trust the Holy spirit to teach you to live right.

When people die, we say ‘Rest in peace’; that means we are on earth for some purpose, to work! Find your purpose and fulfil it, live it unapologetic! I have decided to live everyday like it is my last day, I want to do the things that really matter, be the best sister, daughter, staff, aunt, friend, stranger I can be every single day! I want my life to be an honour to God, I want to go to heaven fulfilled, with my head held high! Jesus lived thirty-three years and He is the ONLY access to eternal life because he fulfilled purpose; Methuselah lived nine hundred and sixty-nine years, except for Sunday school and bible trivia, you probably never heard of him.

Guys, it is not how long but how well. Make the rest of your life count. Let your life inspire someone after you are long gone. Finish your work here so well that all that is left really, will be to rest in peace.