It’s been three months since my last post, wow! How time flies! I apologise for the break in blogging, I have been busy with school and some other personal stuff – don’t ask, but I’ll gist you about school. I am an architect by training but my passion is telling stories through picture, film, magazine show, documentary, writing and speaking. Bottom line is I love the media and want to be a professional. One thing you learn as an architect is planning – detailed planning so naturally, I had a plan to achieve my dream of becoming a one-of-a-kind-sought-after media professional. My first stop was the FRCN

The prestigious FRCN Training School logo

Training School but first, let’s play a game! What is FRCN? Please tell me you got it right! Why? You would be amazed at the number of people that do not know (including you, maybe *eyes rolling*). When I announced to family and friends my plan to enrol at the FRCN training school, I got shocking responses – “You want to work with the RAILWAY CORPORATION?” , “You want to be a ROAD SAFETY OFFICIAL?”  Huh? I have never been on a train before and road safety official (na dis one pain me pass and I had vowed to impound their vehicles if I ever became an official)? That’s one of the hardest and harshest jobs ever because you are right in the elements, I really commend the workers. Anyway, I put all this unawareness behind me and enrolled at the training school!

The structure of the school was decaying and the Director kept begging the issue during our orientation like it was not ‘obviously’ obvious while assuring us of the quality of learning we would receive.

During orientation, no classroom could accomodate all the students.

I doubt anyone really minded because we had studied in worse conditions, atleast I have. The duration of the program was 8 weeks though lectures was for 5 weeks. In 5 weeks, I saw people transform from – “I am hilarious to be elected as …”, “My extinct director, fellow students …”, “This shoe is nice and everlasting”  to speaking proper English language phonetically and grammatically. I saw amazing Nigerian teachers who held a class of over 180 Nigerian students for 4 hours without anyone leaving the class from boredom. I saw a Nigerian class that was not ‘copy and paste’, where everyone participated and contributed freely. I saw a Nigerian class where the eargerness to learn was quite unbelievable yet true. I saw a Nigerian school where lateness, littering and cheating was not condoned. I saw a Nigerian class where friendships that were made would last a lifetime. I saw that not all young people were yahoo boys or prostitutes. I saw that not everyone depended on JAMB to get an education and degree holders, even authors wanted more knowledge. I saw that Nigerians were willing to take leave from work, travel far from home to add value to themselves. At the training school, I saw hope for Nigeria, I saw a candlelight.

At 52, we are still living and where there is life, there is hope. God was willing to spare Sodom if He found 10 righteous men in their entire population. They had lost all their virtue and their sin was begging for punishment but God still asked what they had left – 10 righteous men. When God met Moses at the burning bush, Moses was an 80 year old fugitive but God asked Him what he had in his hand – a rod, God worked with that rod, changing Moses’ life and delivering Isreal. The widow who came to Elisha for help thought she had lost everything and was about to lose her sons but Elisha asked what she had left – a jar of oil. That was enough for God to work with, that jar of oil paid her debts and sustained her and her sons. Point is the world judges us by what we have lost, what we do not have and God is also aware of these things but He is asking “what do you have left?”. As long as there is still breath in you, you still have something and what you have is more than enough for God to work with if you will lay it at His feet. As a country, our faults, losses, sin, are rising up to heaven for judgement but God is asking “what do you have left Nigeria, is there nothing you can present to me?” I think not because I see hope and I am laying it at God’s feet. That is 1 righteous man, where are the remaining 9?

Hope – one of our righteous men. See how powerful he is? Imagine the impact when the remaining 9 show up!

Enough of the complaining, cursing, bickering and regrets! It is time to find our righteous men and present them to God. There is still good in this land, there is something to be grateful for. Something good that we are known for, something good that no one can take from us. We must find our righteous men for we still have breath in us. We must find them and lay them at God’s feet! We must take responsibility for the inevitable day of confrontation comes along with the consequence of our actions.

May our action lead to an exchange.

What will that consequence be – an exchange or destruction? God bless Nigeria.

p.s FRCN is Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria.