My Heart, your home

Someone said a house is not a home-true.
My heart should be the latter but its not
It’s hollow, it’s empty
It’s selfish, it’s loveless
It’s hurt, it’s wounded
It’s afraid, it’s insecure
It’s unstable, it’s doubtful
It’s resentful, it’s unforgiving
It’s in a vortex
Being sucked into an abyss of endless darkness
Somehow I cried out and you appeared
Stable amidst all the confusion
Then everything went still, I saw light for the first time
The moment was priceless, the affair passionate
Till I drifted, Left you alone in my heart
I left love for deceit, warmth for cold
Not ‘cos it was better but ‘cos it was familiar


I knew who I was, rejected who I am
But you remained faithful, didn’t leave me
Stayed put in my heart and I didn’t even know
I wandered, struggled, searching for direction
Somehow again, I caught a glimpse of my reflection
But I didn’t see me, I saw you
You were me, I was you
I cried out not in pain but at my ignorance and foolishness
Wept not out of grief, but for joy
So I’m running back home
To you, to me, 
To my heart, to your home.


2 thoughts on “My Heart, your home

  1. Hey! Lovely post, I like the depth in this article…my kinda thing! The blog is great too, if ur a minimalist like me. And I think you already have a good grip on how to work the site. We’d talk later then about other things. Good job! Now it’s time to write!!!


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